Högl enters the brothel is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

Peter Högl and his officers enter a brothel where Hermann Fegelein is spending the night. There's a big party going on with many drunk people, many of whom are drinking and dancing. Among the crowd, two girls are piggybacking topless, spilling, spraying wine, and slapping each other. A couple is shown kissing when Högl enters the frame, and on the stairs, another couple is attempting to have sex. A drunk soldier is standing on a chair propped up on a table, drinking; he later falls from the chair. Högl and company wade through the crowd and proceeds to move upstairs to the room where Fegelein is, transitioning straight into the next scene.

In Parodies

This scene is not often used, even in parodies that involve the capture of Fegelein, as Untergangers prefer to cut straight to the Fegelein Arrest Scene instead.

It does, however, show use when depicting the FegelBrothel, named this way by Untergangers due to the events happening here. When it doesn't require much character interaction (as there's no dialogue to spoof), or a wild party atmosphere (in contrast with the Party Scene), this scene is used. An example of is mfaizsyahmi's music video Disappearance of Hermann Fegelein, and another one being another music video by the aforementioned mfaizsyahmi, In the Bunker, both particularly showing the part with the drunk soldier falling off the chair he is standing on. It's also been used in Vzorkic's parody, "Günsche is Lost".

Like the subsequent scene with Fegelein's arrest, this scene has exposed breasts. Most parodies simply overlook this, while others have them censored, for example with Eduard Khil's face superimposed over them.



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