GrumpyHman is an Argentine Second-generation Unterganger.


Born in Bahía Blanca, he became deeply engrossed in the Downfall meme after stumbling upon a traditional-style parody and joined the Hitler Parody Wiki on 3 July 2011.

Some of his favourite subjects are philosophy, politics and history, among others. Besides his native Spanish, he speaks English and some German. His sociopolitical ideology is eclectic, if not controversial on certain aspects. (i.e. showing both nationalist and anti-US rhetoric, an absolute despise towards certain aspects of modern youth culture—despite being a teenager himself, and being a staunch supporter of Putin and Al-Assad, etcétera).

He contributes in Facebook pages, the Wiki and commenting on videos posted in YouTube. His first and only parody was uploaded on 27 December 2012.

By July 2015, he appears to have silently distanced himself from the Unterganging community, although he has always enjoyed cordial, if not good relations with every Unterganger he had met.

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