grandayy is a YouTuber who is most known for his meme videos of Lazy Town, particularly We Are Number One and The Mine Song. Joining YouTube in July 2014, it was not until 2016 that grandayy gained widespread fame as being one of the main channels making Lazy Town meme videos. A few of these videos feature Hitler.


grandayy produces contemporary meme videos in general, each of which with Hitler in particular. They are:

Owing to the popularity (partly a resurgence) of these memes the above parodies reached a ballpark viewcount of 400,000, with the We Are Number One parody reaching 3 million views. However, the subject matter of these parodies is general and does not feature the Parody Universe in any way, with Jew jokes being common.


  • This is the same person of the Minecraft note blocks fame a few years back (the only featured channel on the channel page is that of grande1899).
  • His You Are a Nazi parody was a new take of the You Are a Pirate meme which peaked around 2011. A parody of the song was made by DasDownfallParodies. Interesting to note is that DasDownfallParodies specializes in Downfall parodies, that branched out into Lazy Town, while grandayy specializes in Lazy Town memes that branched out into Hitler parodies. In this regard the Downfall x You Are a Pirate crossover had reached full circle.

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