The rank of Grand Master of the Antic Order is the highest rank attainable within the Antic Order and grants the bearer full control of the order.

Known Grand Masters

There are currently three known Grand Masters of the Antic Order, and all of them share the responsibility to promote and encourage the committing of antics, even taking on an apprentice of their own.

It is currently unknown whether or not Fegelein has reached this rank. Perhaps he was offered the rank, but refused, probably because the promotion meant he would not perform antics as actively has he'd want to. Venkyra21's series of the same name portrays Fegelein as he works up to the rank of Grand Master. The Soviet Union in particular does not use this title, viewing it as bourgeois and therefore contrary to the true spirit of communism. Instead, the leader of Soviet Antics (Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky) is given the title of People's Commissar for Antics.

Gallery of Grand Masters

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