Contrary to most Downfall characters, Good Germans were German people who either weren't moved by the anti-Semitic, racist or nationalist themes of Nazism, or were simply common soldiers fighting for Germany instead of the party.

Good Germans in Downfall

  • Helmuth Weidling: He was in favor of surrendering the city to the Soviets, as every hour of further fighting would only prolong the suffering on both German, Soviets and the civilians of Berlin.
  • Ernst-Günther Schenck: He refused to leave Berlin in order to collect and distribute enough medical supplies for the civilians.
  • Wilhelm Mohnke: He tried to remove the Volkssturm out of the line of fire as they, without weapons or combat experience, were effectively cannon fodder to the Soviets. However, when Germany invaded France in 1940, it is speculated that he allowed his men to massacre hundreds of captured French prisoners, but there is no sufficient evidence.
  • Albert Speer: He ignored Hitler's Nero Decree as it would destroy all infrastructure and return the German population to a lifestyle similar to that of the Middle Ages. He also admitted and confessed his crimes at the Nuremberg trials, taking full responsibility for them instead of denying them like other Nazis had done.
  • Max Müller: He attempted to stop a Greifkommando from killing civilians by raising his MP38. They eventually went away.
  • Rochus Misch: He was the Bunker telephonist, and had nothing to do with killing innocent people.
  • Traudl Junge: She did not know about or had took part on any action considered an atrocity.
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