The Goebbels crying scene is a scene in Downfall that is seldom used in parodies.

In Downfall

Traudl Junge is typing out Hitler's will when Joseph Goebbels enters weeping, telling her that Hitler has ordered him to leave Berlin. He later adds that he has never ignored an order from the Führer before, and continues to cry. He decides to ignore this order to leave and stay with the Führer while telling Traudl that he wants to dictate his will. However, Traudl tells him that she is still not finished with Hitler's will, so Goebbels decides to arrange another time for the writing of his will.

In the Parodies

This scene is rarely used on its own. When it is used, it is mostly used in conjunction with other scenes for a story-based parody. If this scene is used, Goebbels is mostly seen crying about trivial or childish things, such as the loss of his childhood teddy bear.



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