The Goebbels Children Murder Scene is a major scene in Downfall. Similar to the Hitler Suicide Scene, its gruesome nature means that it is rarely used in the parodies.

In Downfall

It has been some time after the children were drugged by their mother Magda and the physician, Ludwig Stumpfegger. After Joseph Goebbels has finished dictating his testament to Traudl Junge, he looks up to Magda, who has entered the room and looking back at him without saying a word.

It is dark in the bedroom of the Goebbels children whilst they are fast asleep (more accurately under the influence of the drug). Magda re-enters their room with Joseph waiting outside. She turns on the light, pulls out cyanide pills out of her pocket and, one by one, crushes a cyanide pill in each of their mouths, then covers their heads with their blanket, leaving their feet exposed. After crushing the pill into Helga's mouth, Magda is seen kissing her forehead. She then leaves the room where she then slumps outside in sadness. Joseph limps towards her to try and console her, but she immediately rises up and walks away.

Rochus Misch rises from his seat and watches as Magda and later Joseph walks towards Goebbels' bunker office (adjacent to Misch's post), where she sits on a chair in the room, picks up a deck of cards and proceeds to shuffle and split them with her eyes seeming almost emotionless, all the while Joseph looks on. Misch returns to his seat.

Elsewhere in the Reich Chancellery's underground complex, Traudl and Gerda, among other soldiers, are seen packing and preparing for a breakout to escape Berlin.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is almost never used by Untergangers due to its gruesome nature and lack of dialogue.

WonkyTonkBotty first used the scene, in a parody where Magda kills her children after learning that her kids like Justin Bieber. The video has a warning message at the beginning, telling the viewers about the content of the video.

Smelloftheice made a dark humor parody using the poisoning scene, that (if we look at the likes/dislikes number and the comments) wasn't very well received.


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Goebbels Children Murder Scene
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