Globogość Polska is a Polish parody maker, known for making AGK and Downfall parodies, although he's focused mostly on AGK parodies. As for March 17th, 2018, he has 195 557 total views and 1 715 subscribers[1].

Technical Data

Globogość makes parodies of Angry German Kid and Downfall using Camtasia Studio. In some parodies, he records his voice, as he appears by using his avatar. His parodies are using Polish captions.

Hitler appears in his parodies mostly as episodic character, and he's mostly portrayed as Leopold's enemy. Hitler's plans of defeating Leopold featured kidnapping, making genetically augmented clones, and even using a disguise. However, his actions end in total failure.

Notable Hitler Parodies

  • Wakacje Leopolda - there, Hitler gets on a vacation, but unfortunately picks the same place of leisure as Leopold, so he decides to defeat him.
  • Leopold w ruskim więzieniu - in the episodes 3 and 5 Hitler hires Grawitz to find his long-gone father, who is held as prisoner by Russians. Later he makes an attempt of rescuing him by himself after Grawitz's failure.
  • Bunkierowe Granie - gaming-oriented series.
  • Święta Leopolda - there, Hitler's Christmas Tree gets stolen by Leopold and his father, so he decides to make vengeance on him with a little help of Jodl.


  • His nickname is a derivative of the name of Globox - a character from Rayman game series.


  1. Data from currently used channel, his primary channel was terminated in October 2017.
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