giuguletzu was a Romanian Unterganger who uploaded Tourette's Guy videos. His liking towards Rebecca Black's "Friday" (this also happened with KNIGHTCleric), along with Gagislobista's support towards Gaddafi, and his tendency to show a liking for somewhat disturbing content, would be controversial. He had a very poor understanding of English which he shared with other notorious members of the community such as KNIGHTCleric and Hanif837. Benad361 summed him up as "the Romanian kid who's videos ranged from the bizarre to the disturbed". He later deleted all of his Downfall parodies and began some form of video blogging.

He also attempted to make YouTube Poops, which were extremely unsuccessful and unpopular as they were only poops by name, involving no use of sentence mixing and too many repeated generic features (such as the "WTF-BOOM" meme). They were so unpopular that they made it onto YER0CKY's collection of the worst YouTube Poops of all time.

The general results to his videos and comments was negative and gained him much criticism and rebuke all over YouTube.

He eventually closed his channel on November 2011.

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