Gerhardt Boldt
Unhappy Officer
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Gerhardt Boldt


24 January 1918


10 May 1981 (aged 63)


Unhappy Officer, Unhappy Officer behind Mohnke

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Gerhardt Boldt (24 January 1918 – 10 May 1981), known to Untergangers as 'The Unhappy Officer', was a German officer who was present in the Führerbunker during its last days. Boldt regularly participated in the daily briefings held for Adolf Hitler. Originally a cavalry officer, he was transferred to the Military Intelligence and posted in the bunker. He held the rank of Rittmeister (the cavalry equivalent to the Hauptmann/Hauptsturmführer rank, which is that of a captain). Boldt was the only captain in the bunker, and certainly in the briefings. A careful look at the Downfall scenes featuring the 'Unhappy Officer' reveals that he wears flat, unbraided (unlike Mohnke's, Jodl's etc.) shoulderboards with two pips on each - i.e., he is a captain.

Boldt kept a diary in which he described the events in the bunker. He left us a vivid description of Hitler's raging outburst from 22 April 1945, which inspired the Original Bunker Scene in Downfall. Boldt wrote in his diary that:

"Hitler interrupted the report to ask what had happened to General Felix Steiner's offensive . . . There was a long silence and then Hitler was told that the attack had never been launched, and that the withdrawal from Berlin of several units of Steiner's army, on Hitler's orders, had so weakened the front that the Russians had broken through into Berlin."

"That was too much for Hitler. He asked everyone except Wilhelm Keitel, Hans Krebs, Alfred Jodl, Wilhelm Burgdorf, and Martin Bormann to leave the room . . . "
"Then Hitler started jumping up and down, while he ranted and raved. His face turned white and purple in turns, and he was shaking all over. His voice kept breaking, as he screamed out the words disloyalty, cowardice, treachery, and insubordination. There followed accusations against the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS, of the kind that previous explosions had brought out in somewhat milder form. His outburst culminated in the oath that he would remain in Berlin, with the Berliners, that he would lead the fight personally -- let all who wish to desert him and the city do so now. And then something happened that none of those present had ever seen or expected to see. Hitler suddenly returned to his chair and collapsed. He stammered out: 'It's all up . . . the war is lost . . . I shall shoot myself."

In Downfall Parodies

Boldt appears mostly behind Mohnke, and doesn't say anything. He hasn't had any role in the parodies so far.


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