“Das Reicht!”

Generals discuss and Burgdorf gets angry is a scene in Downfall that is used frequently in parodies.

In Downfall

Continuing from the previous scene after Hitler left saying "Wenck will come", Hans Krebs, Joseph Goebbels, Wilhelm Burgdorf and Helmuth Weidling argue over the possibility if Walther Wenck could support Felix Steiner's attack or not. It starts off with Weidling asking about the possibility of the attack taking place with Krebs stating that it is very unlikely resulting in Goebbels ranting. In the end, Burgdorf gets very angry and ends the argument with "Das Reicht!" and Weidling leaves the room with Wilhelm Mohnke as Krebs and Burgdorf stare at each other in silence.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene has been featured in many parodies. Most of them are story-driven, though some attempt to make this scene a stand-alone series has been made by mfaizsyahmi. The scene is most notable for Burgdorf ranting, a fact most likely first pointed out by Hitler Rants Parodies in his parodies.[citation needed]

Over time, a running gag appeared in parodies using this scene: Goebbels insulted Krebs and his affinity with maps, calling him sick and his maps outdated, and Krebs replied in kind regarding Goebbels's face.

So many characters rant in this scene that substantial part of it is used in rant-offs.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
WEIDLING Ich will jetzt sofort wissen, ob die Gesamtlage es wahrscheinlich macht, dass Wenck noch eingreifen kann! I want to know right now whether the overall situation makes it probable that Wenck can still intervene!
KREBS Es ist unwahrscheinlich, dass Wenck mit seinen wenigen Verbänden der Roten Armee... It is unlikely that Wenck with his few units of the Red Army...
GOEBELLS Wieso behaupten Sie, ein Angriff Wencks sei unwahrscheinlich? Why do you claim that an attack by Wenck is unlikely?
KREBS Wenck hat der Roten Armee absolut nichts entgegenzusetzen! Wenck has absolutely nothing to oppose to the Red Army!
WEIDLING Wenn das so ist, warum sagen Sie das nicht dem Führer? If that is so, why don't you say that to the Führer?
Sind denn hier alle verrückt geworden?! Has everyone here all become insane?!
BURGDORF Glauben Sie im Ernst, der Führer weiss das nicht selbst? Do you seriously believe that the Führer does not know this?
Aber er wird niemals kapitulieren. But he will never surrender.
Und damit Sie es wissen, ich auch nicht! And so you know, neither will I!
Ich habe das einmal mitgemacht! I have been through this once!
Das reicht! That's enough!
WEIDLING Kommen Sie! Ich muss hier raus! Come! I've got to get out of here!


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