Chancellery garage

Inside the garage.

The Führerbunker houses a garage where the officials' cars are parked.

In Downfall

The garage is seen twice in the film. The first time is when Himmler tells Fegelein that he's secretely negotiating with the Allies. The second time is when Günsche phones Kempka to ask for 200 liters of gasoline, necessary for Hitler and Eva's funeral pyre.

In Downfall Parodies

The garage is where the Speermobile arrives to bring Speer as well as to send Himmler away. This is the place where Himmler and Fegelein have meetings with the antic dealer Albert Speer to buy Antics from him and discuss several ways of getting the nerves of Hitler.

The garage seems to be Kempka's hideout, since he hasn't almost any scene in the film save for the Günsche's phone conversation and stairs.


  • In reality, the garage is the only part of the Chancellery (which the Führerbunker is also part of) constructed under its gardens.
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