GAZ 63
The GAZ-63, used by Weidling.


Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ)




3.5L GAZ-51 I6, 70 hp @ 2800 rpm


4 speed gearbox

The GAZ-63 is a Russian 4x4 2 ton truck produced from 1948 to 1968 at the Gorky Automobile Plant. It was a development of the earlier GAZ-51 truck and is very similar in appearance.

Designing the car began in 1938. The first prototypes of the GAZ-63 were established before World War II in 1939 and 1940, but production began in 1948. The most massive four-wheel drive truck and the Soviet Army in the Soviet economy in the 1950s and '60s. In 1968, it was replaced by the GAZ-66 model. The degree of commonality with the national economic model GAZ-51 to 80%. Release lasted until 1968, was released only 474 464 cars.

The GAZ-63 was in turn used as the basis for the BTR-40 armoured personnel carrier.

In the Downfall Universe

It was the loudspeaker truck used by Weidling to announce Berlin's surrender.

In Sparx476's parody Weidling's terrible punishment, with clever sound modifications, the truck was converted into an ice cream truck and Weidling began to announce the ice creams variates.

Also known as the Truck of Doom, it has been used in an antic and the Generals' driving test.


  • The film takes place in 1945, but the truck's prototypes were made in 1948, making the truck’s presence anachronistic.
    • There's even a Russian text visible on the hood of the car: "Avtozavod imeni Molotova" - Molotov's car factory.
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