Gunsche scouts the Soviets is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

Otto Günsche is seen by a window on an upper level of the building where the party is camped in, scouting for the Soviets over the smoke-filled horizon through his binoculars.

On the ground, German combatants are already destroying their weapons. Günsche scopes again, acquiring sight of the Soviets and sees the German soldiers throwing their weapons on the ground and offering no resistance. He immediately runs through a narrow corridor of the building and reports to Mohnke of the situation.

Mohnke estimates the Soviets will reach their location in about an hour, and poses to his men on a course of action. Stehr proposes they use their remaining bullets. Ernst-Günther Schenck points out its futility, but Stehr stresses that the SS cannot outlive the Führer. When asked, most of the men, including Walther Hewel raises their hands in agreement to the plan, leaving Schenck shaking his head.

In the Parodies

This scene is rarely used in parodies on its own. However, the part where Günsche uses his binoculars and runs through the narrow corridor is used in many feature-length parodies, such as The Enemy Within and Hitler and the Last Witch.

Meanwhile, the part where Mohnke, Stehr, and Schenck have a brief debate (followed by Hewel and the other SS officers raising their hands) have been recently used in parodies such as the third episode of Hitler Sends Göring to Africa's third season, and the seventh part of Grand Master of the Antic Order.

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Günsche scouts the Soviets
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