Gunsche portrait

Günsche informing Hitler, as usual.

“We couldn't find Gruppenführer Fegelein. He's not in the bunker.”

Günsche informs Hitler, also known as the "Hitler is informed..."is a common parody format by Untergangers, derived from the Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche scene. The scene differs from the Hitler Reviews and Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler, the other two formats derived from the same scene in Downfall, because it can also involve Hitler merely being informed of stuff, usually pointless ones by Günsche. This format is also more associated with the Parody Universe, and Hermann Fegelein is more actively involved in the storyline.

In Downfall

The scene in Downfall used for this series is nearly identical to the Hitler Reviews, but slightly longer:

Günsche tells Hitler that Fegelein cannot be found, and he is not in the bunker. Hitler gets mad, and says that he needs Fegelein right away. He tells that if Fegelein left like that, then it was an act of desertion, or fahnenflucht.

It ends with Hitler telling Günsche to bring him Fegelein, and yells Fegelein three times while slamming his desk.

In the parodies

The use of this format varies, from depicting Fegelein pulling a plethora of antics on Hitler to Günsche informing Hitler of every possible kind of information ranging from current event to absurdities. Fegelein's involvement developed from the fact that Fegelein's name is mentioned multiple times, inspiring Untergangers such as HRP and KakashiBallZ to associate Fegelein as the major antic doer.

The most famous parody using this format is arguably "Hitler is informed his pizza will arrive late" by Hitler Rants Parodies, which already references Fegelein's involvement (Fegelein is supposed to deliver the pizza). The parody coincided perfectly with KakashiBallZ's parody of the same title. Since then (both parodies were uploaded in 2010) many more parodies were made by many other Untergangers, both about Hitler being informed of stuff and about his pizzas.

Unlike the other two parody formats derived from "Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche", this parody format doesn't require Hitler to review stuff, and can readily relate to various Parody Universe references. With the increase of popularity of Fegelein and other Parody Universe references, this parody format quickly eclipses the other two.


The scene has been edited in various occasions to include other characters meeting or informing Hitler, Günsche informing other people, or both. Characters involved range from Mr. Bean, Jodl, Chuikov, Darth Vader to even no characters at all.

There are also other derivatives that keep the scene clips largely identical, but with additions and alterations in terms of FX and script. They are:

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