FuryTomic is an American YouTuber who mainly does anime-related and gaming videos, though he is also a fourth-generation Unterganger, who started making Downfall parodies on April 18, 2015. As of August 31, 2016, he has made 13 Downfall parodies.


Not much is known about him within the Downfall community, but he has made a few parodies before uploading his (currently) last one on October 5th 2016, called Hitler is informed Michiyo Yasuda passed away. Due to it being over two and a half years since his last parody and the continued non-downfall related content being uploaded on his channel, it can be implied that he has silently retired from unterganging.

Parody Style

His parody style is mostly traditional and occasionally there are modified scenes being used. He has shown the capability to use FX such as in Hitler is informed he's in the Anime World (Green Screen Test) and Hitler Tries to Buy a Painting.

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