Fuhrerandhissoldiers is a 4th-gen Unterganger from Jordan. He was a judge in the Unterganger Awards.


Fuhrerandhissoldiers started making parodies on January 1, 2015, making him one of the first fourth-generation untergangers.


He uses Videopad to make parodies. He usually makes short, mostly traditional and audio-based parodies.


Fuhrerandhissoldiers had been dormant since the end of April 2015. In the middle of October 2015 he wrote:

"Hey everybody,

I am extremely sorry I had not made a parody for a while, but I want u to understand that I am now passing by vary hard and miserable events in my life, and that everything I have is effected (Including my studies and even my sanity) hence my being dormant. I promise that when this clears I would start making parodies again, and the first would be a happy one."

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