Fritz Grade
Chief Engineer Fritz Grade (in the middle) with Captain Willenbrock and Lt. Werner on U-96


Fritz Grade





Notable for

Running the navy's antic store.

Hitler Parody Counterpart

Albert Speer

Portrayed by

Klaus Wennermann

Fritz Grade (often known simply as "The Chief") was the Chief Engineer aboard U-96. He is not the First Watch Officer though.

Downfall Parody Universe

In the Parody Universe, the Chief is U-96's resident antic dealer. When Werner plans an antic, it is the his job to find the equipment he needs.

He also runs a large antic shop with a wide variety of equipment, which is often visited by Werner and Captain Willenbrock. In "Captain Willenbrock tries to Improve the U-Boat Parodies", the Chief revealed that he was very bad at Map pointing, as his last effort at doing so somehow almost led U-96 into an alternate dimension.

Similarities to Speer

  • Both work as antic dealers for their respective parodies' Master of Antics (Hermann Otto Fegelein and Lt. Werner, respectively).
  • Both are good friends with their leaders.
  • Both have plenty of techincal know-how.

Differences from Speer

  • Albert Speer was a member of the Nazi party, something the Chief is far from being, although he is outranked by the 1WO, who is actually a Nazi.[citation needed]
  • The Chief owns his own antic shop, whilst Speer acts more as a traveling salesman, keeping his stock in his car, which is much like what Little Jacob, Terry Thorpe and Armando Torres does to their friends in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV and its expansions.
  • Albert Speer was a real-life historical figure, whilst the Chief was a fictional character in Das Boot.

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