Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain.

Franco Parodies is another parody spin-off much like Stalin, Revolution, American Girl or Ceausescu Parodies, with Francisco Franco, dictator of Spain, as its central character. The first Franco Parody was created by Unterganger Master Studios, using stock footage from Franco's victory speech.


As to be expected, Franco, like any dictator, has a tendency to rant, and he has his own entourage of generals and other officers at his flanks, filling the roles of Objector, Informer, and perhaps even an Antic Master as the need arises.

Parody Archetypes

The following characters has been given parody archetype (some may have multiple).

Current Setbacks

Unlike Hitler Parodies, or even Stalin Parodies, a good film source has yet to be found to use definitively as the "go to" source for generating parodies, as a result, it seems at this stage that Franco Parodies will barely trickle into the Parody Universe.

Another setback with film sources is that is hard to determine who the actual characters are, outside of Franco (where in most cases it is obvious which character is Franco), due to lack of supporting information on the actors and the lack of knowledge of the parody maker to identify actors with characters, and finally because the Spanish language moves so quickly in comparison to English, German or Russian that it is undiscernable to which characters are interacting.

However Master Studios has begun experimenting with the movie "Dragon Rapide", and has discovered a work-around in the character identity issue. He theorizes that since these are to be parodies, it is not necessary to accurately identify the characters in the film, and once verifiable sources has been found, correct identities can later be established in the series.


  • Franco's reign was during the same time period as Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin making it more plausible for these four to interact, leaving the door open for endless possibilities.
  • During the later years of his rule, Gaddafi came into power, making Franco the only one capable of realistically interacting with all major dictators that are being parodied.
  • Unlike Steiner in Downfall, there is one short scene in Dragon Rapide where Fanjul appears, however beyond that he is as much as a phantom character as Steiner
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