FotomatAnticMaster is a recent Unterganger from the United States. He started making Hitler parodies in 2014. He makes one parody a month on average. His parodies are made using PowerDirector 8 and uploaded exclusively to the official Downfall Parodies website.

Parody Making Style

In some of his parodies, FotomatAnticMaster has incorporated elements of the anime series Highschool of the Dead, with either the setting of said anime, Tokonosu, being brought up or one of the Downfall characters interacting with one of the HOTD characters (as seen in Hitler Phones Ray Miyamoto, which uses clips from the HOTD Phone Scene from episode 2 of HOTD in addition to the Hitler Phone Scene). HOTD clips used in his parodies use the German dub. Also, whenever he uses the Hitler Planning Scene, expect him to include the preamble with Keitel at the start and mention Wenck by name in the subtitles every time (and even Busse from time to time). In addition, parodies using the Spanish dub will render Fegelein's name as "Fígelain" whenever he makes such parodies (e.g. Pros and Cons with Spanish Hitler: El Spanish O).

The opening he uses is a modified version of Fotomat's onscreen graphic, with "Antic Master" placed underneath the word "Fotomat". Hitler yelling for Günsche to bring him Fegelein can be heard at the end.

Future Plans

He intends to make a parody that mentions San Francisco, and he may also do a parody featuring Himmler and Fegelein at the Garage. In addition, he plans to do a Hitler Planning Scene parody lampooning the controversy surrounding a certain film about a certain dictator.

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