Flooded Hitler is a parody made by JennieParker87. It won Parody of the Month in February 2015, as well as "Best FX" and "Most Innovative" in the Unterganger Awards the same month. There was originally a teaser, uploaded on 3 February 2015.




Sony Vegas Pro 13 was used to make this parody. The FX includes the Führerbunker being under water, which is seen from the outside. There's also a scene in which Hitler and Mohnke are speaking under water, with bubbles coming out of their mouths as they speak. Another scene contains monitors, showing dead generals floating around inside the bunker. There are some time travel scenes and some scenes taking place in space.

JennieParker87 made sure to use new sound effects and music, other than using any of the existing audio from the movie clips/videos she used (with the exception of Downfall).


Scene from Flooded Hitler

JennieParker87's way to avoid questions about the oxygen in the bunker.

  • JennieParker87 wanted to have a scene where Hitler would speak with Mohnke under water. But she couldn't really come up with any brilliant explanation to why there was oxygen in the bunker. So she made Fegelein ask Himmler about it, to which Himmler replied that it's a long story that he will tell another time.
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