FishyAntics (formerly: Mr. Bonkers and Gaker73) is a 6th-gen Unterganger from Canada who started his career of Unterganging in March of 2018.


In 2012, FishyAntics first discovered Downfall parodies and watched them, but gradually forgot them.

During the spring of 2017, he started editing and creating articles in another wiki dedicated to a community he was formerly part of, after discovering and editing an article in the AGK Wiki, he also discovered this wiki, which led to the idea of creating Downfall parodies, which was however, dismissed and he proceeded with remaining in the community he was in, at the time.

Later, that same year, he disengaged from the aforementioned community, ending his one-year involvement, Downfall parodies came to his mind once again, and after watching some Downfall parodies, he gained motivation to create Downfall parodies, prior to obtaining Sony Vegas, he used WMM to create his unfinished and unreleased parodies (an example of this kind of parody includes “Hitler plays Crash Time 3” and a parody in which Napoleon attempts to invade the territory of the “Downfall Reich”). Upon getting Sony Vegas, he decided to base parodies off of controversies (in this case, Elsagate), and also nearly-finished a parody in which Goebbels kills Fegelein with his pistol, however, he decided to clean his documents folder (aka deleting every “.veg” file there) and therefore these projects were lost.

Eventually, on March of the next year, he released his first Downfall parody, followed by two parodies, in which Hitler fails at racing games. As time passes, he eventually published more parodies, simultaneously experimenting with different DP styles, subtitles, et-cetera, during that period, he was one of the first sixth-gen untergangers to use FX (demonstrated on a mere “recreation” of the aforementioned Goebbels parody), he also won some awards during that period.

On November of the same year, he announced that he will be “restructuring” his channel, which meant the deletion of some parodies (his first DPMV is privated as a result of that), and a change of name. His former pfp, a Mercedes C63 built to DTM standards was restored as well, marking the end of months of using the “Gaker73” pfp.

However, as time passes, he gradually lost interest in parody-making, on December, 29, 2018, he privated most of his parodies, with his first three parodies, and his latest parody remaining on his channel. He also is considering to create aviation-related content, with the first being a recently-published video of him doing a failed landing at Princess Juliana Airport (TNCM) in FSX.


On July 23rd, 2019, FishyAntics (posing as his current discord account Toni Cipriani) posted a lengthy comment on the untergangers chat in Unterganger Chat Central, confirming his retirement and eventual disengagement from the community.

“After six-five months of not posting a single video since and after seven months of posting the last parody, I have made the decision to retire the “LockedSpirit” channel and move on with a “new” (actually an channel I made back in ‘17, months before the former) channel.

Also, I’ve decided to retire from unterganging, all because my interest in Downfall parodies had crashed into the floor and through the basement. For now on, I’ve decided to use the aforementioned “new channel” to (probably) spit out Automation/BeamNG content, maybe other games, I dunno. That being said means that if you were some new-comer to the UCC wanting to watch parodies, don’t really come up to me beg me for my new channel as there wouldn’t be anything interesting asides from a parody regarding the 737 MAX debacle.

And speaking of which, I also have plans to disengage from the community for similar reasons. As recent as this year’s June; after joining the Automation community/Consider’s Discord server, I’ve rapidly lost interest for the UCC, while simultaneously having a growing motivation to leave this very server, thus explaining why I have “gradually” becoming deader and deader than before. In simple words, I’ve joined another community while at the same time losing interest for this community. I MAY LEAVE SOMETIME SOON.

But Gay Car. What about the UMS? Oh yes, the UMS. Let me get this straight, despite being deader in the UMS, I actually decided to stay in the UMS (so QT can’t delete Dongdi :P); to reason that; I have plans to make a comeback to the UMS after some weeks or months (by comeback, actually joining the server through MC); besides, there is a reason why it’s called the retirement home for untergangers.

That’s all I have to say for now. As for the people supervising the wiki however, there are some changes that are to be done.
―Toni Cipriani (Gaker73)

Parody styles

FishyAntics has experimented with different parody styles, including FX, those parodies are however removed.


  • He’s very active on Discord.
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