The First Untergangers (September 2005 - October 2008), also known as Unterganger Pioneers, Proto-Untergangers, Pre-Untergangers, Zero-generation Untergangers, The First Ones, The Founding Fathers or The Forefathers are the very first people to make video parodies based on the 2004 German film Downfall (Der Untergang).



8 September 2004 - Premiere of Downfall
Downfall premieres in Germany (Munich). It then premieres in the rest of the world, and on 18 February 2005 it premieres in Spain and USA.
14 February 2005 - Establishment of YouTube
Many people started creating accounts and began uploading videos.


3 September 2005 - The very first Downfall parody
The Argentine user pajarojuarez uploaded La Caida (La versión No Oficial), a spoof of the dinner scene from the movie, with Hitler complaining about his food bill. The video featured the original German language with fake Spanish subtitles. This will be basis for the future all-too-familiar parodies.
19 July 2006 - The second parody
Jackson126 uploaded Mein Kampf um Mathilde which, unlike the previous video, was a humorous fan dub and did not feature any fake subtitles (most likely because Jackson126 is German).
10 August 2006 - The first official Downfall parody
DReaperF4 uploaded Sim Heil, mistaken as the first official Downfall parody, in Spanish, with an English version being uploaded on 30 August. Thus, the Downfall Parody meme is officially born.
6 September 2006 - The second official parody in English(?)
VAdriven uploaded Der Führer Gestohlener Träger, which, despite the German title, is an English-language Downfall parody. Counting the English version of Sim Heil, this is (possibly) the second English-language Downfall parody ever uploaded.
6 June 2007 - The most popular Downfall parody
Bowlch uploaded Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live, which wil be one of the most watched Downfall Parodies ever. Many more people begin to make Downfall parodies. Celeon999A, for example, became the first to make Downfall parodies in a series as a sequel to the Xbox parody.

In late 2008 and early 2009, several people begin to create series of these parodies. They will be later known as First-generation Untergangers.


Unlike the next generations of Untergangers, the First Ones are scattered; they do not come together and form a community.

All of the First Untergangers have stopped making parodies. Many have moved onto uploading non-Downfall videos, have become dormant or simply are active on their channel, but don't upload anything.

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