Fegelein turns Hitler and the Bunker into a Flash Cartoon is WonkyTonkBotty's latest, most innovative and ambitious parody project to date.

It is a 3 part series telling a story of Speer concocting his biggest antic device to date and delivering it to Himmler and Fegelein to inflict on 'Dolfy; it is also currently WonkyTonkBotty's best work on YouTube, not to mention receiving a considerable amount of views, spreads, likes, subscribers and favourites compared to his other endeavours. This parody series is to WonkyTonkBotty, what Hitler's Llama Priest is to TheSilverUniverse.

This antic consists of the whole of the Führerbunker and its inhabitants (except Fegelein, Himmler, Speer and, by luck, Hewel) into Flash animated cartoon characters and being teleported to Newgrounds, a site dedicated to Flash; of course, Dolfy is less than pleased and leads a party of afflicted Nazis to escape the antic premises and crush anyone in his way.


The series starts off as a modified-traditional styled parody, with scarce elements of head-pasting and rotoscoping used in some scenes, but as the story-based antic takes place, the majority of the parody is animated in Adobe Flash, a product used to produce complicated frame-by-frame hand-drawn animations.

WonkyTonkBotty came up with the concept for numerous reasons, as listed below:

  • It was his 100th parody, and to celebrate he decided to make the very best parody he and any Unterganger could possibly make, with detailed animation, extreme FX, epic storyboards (WTB actually had to write a script to plan how the parody would play out) and much eccentric and funny humour.
  • To bring his fame and popularity in the meme up, he wanted to make something extremely new and innovative that would be inspiring to fellow Untergangers. Given that a parody cartoon and Flash-made parody never existed before WonkyTonkBotty's parody, he decided it would be the perfect innovation. He also got some inspiration from seeing FegeleinTheLostTapes's interactive game, FegaMan which was also a brand new idea.
  • With numerous complaints and acts of pessimism of how the meme may be dying and running out of material, he decided to use this innovative idea to rejuvenate and prolong the meme's life expectancy, similar to the previous bullet point.


To make the series as funny as possible, WonkyTonkBotty decided to take each characters' status quos (i.e. Göring's obesity, Traudl's sexuality, Goebbels' ugly and scary physique, Hitler's explosive and reckless disposition, Günsche's stupidity and tall height, Burgdorf's alcoholism, Krebs' mappophilia, etc) and exaggerate them to a comedic degree, and taking full advantage of Flash's abilities to not only exaggerate humourous trends in the meme, but also add extra humour in animations of the original film's scenes (such as the Dinner scene and scene of Günsche informing Hitler of Fegelein's desertion).

The series also mixes the Downfall parody meme with several popular Newgrounds trends and characters to further blend the video in with the Flash theme. What's more, the series uses a lot of action scenes, with the Nazis fighting previously mentioned characters, aggressive music and tanks and what not to provide atmosphere, excitement and entertainment)

Last but not least, the series also contains a few fourth wall breakages (such as WTB being addressed in the video itself, the depiction of the Bunker Nazis actually being watched in Flash form by Inglourious Basterds Hitler) and references to other works. (The comedy and animation style is heavily influenced by Rayman Origins and Ed, Edd & Eddy).




The series won Parody of the Month in December 2012, the Unterganger Awards in December 2012 as the Best FX and Bizarre Crossover category, and second place in The Hitler Rants Parodies Contest.

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