Fegelein the Führer is a feature-length parody by Joster285. Uploaded on his channel CloneofJoster285 on Feb 25, 2011, it has received over 10,000 views as of January 2013. The parody runs for 23 minutes.

Joster285 decided to follow up his previous parody[1] with a feature-esque parody where we see Fegelein become the Führer. His reason for doing so was that he wanted there to be a parody where Fegelein actually rises to power and not just commit antics against Hitler for the rest of his life.

In August 2013, Das Phoenix noted the video was set to private. He decided to contact CloneofJoster285, who replied: "It's apparantly been blocked. I'm gonna try to get to uploading it on Vimeo." 

Months later, the parody was unblocked, only to be blocked again soon after.  Not wanting to risk a copyright strike, Joster took down the parody and uploaded it on Vimeo.

Fegelein the Führer Chapter 4: Führer Brawl won Parody of the Month in March 2015.

On 2015 February 18th, Joster managed to make it to 1,000 subscribers. He then released a video thanking his subscribers along with announcing a remake of Fegelein the Führer. The Prologue was released the next day.





The remake has the same story as the original with some minor changes and updated FX. The headpasting & dialogue are improved and Fegelein's dialogue mostly consists of lines from Kretschmann's performance in The Sinking of the Laconia.



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