Fegelein and Himmler at Hitler's birthday, also known as the Fegelein and Himmler Scene, is a scene in Downfall, that is commonly used in parodies. It's commonly used to depict one of Fegelein's antics. This scene reveals Hermann Fegelein and Heinrich Himmler for the first time. In both the movie and parodies, the duo is depicted in devious ways. This scene is closely tied with the Himmler greets Hitler scene, which also happens to be the direct follow-up of this scene.

In Downfall

Fegelein and Himmler enter the main hall of the Reich Chancellery. Immediately, Martin Bormann and Wilhelm Burgdorf spot them and talk among themselves of how the latter is a 'pompous clown' and makes them sick. Burgdorf downs the first-ever alcoholic shot in the movie.

The focus shifts to Himmler and Fegelein talking about Operation Clausewitz and Hitler's intent in bringing the Reich down with him, and they discuss their plan to talk Hitler out of it, possibly dragging Walther Hewel into the plot. Fegelein doubts Hewel's use in the plot. Himmler suggests using Eva Braun, being Hitler's mistress and Fegelein's sister-in-law to talk Hitler out of it. He insists strongly that they do everything they can, seeing that Berlin is "practically surrounded by the Russians," adding to Fegelein that if they don't, he will die and would never see his unborn child. Fegelein concurs.

The focus suddenly shifts when Heinz Linge opening the door introducing Hitler, and out comes Hitler, being saluted by the guests.

In Downfall Parodies

Grand Master of Antics Himmler and Antic Master Fegelein plots for another antic towards Hitler. It is not clear why they discuss such matters of high-importance and secrecy in a crowd and within earshot of Burgdorf, but it might be that the Wehrmacht general's intervention would result in more lulz on their part. This scene is also used frequently to have Himmler and Fegelein summarize the insane antics they've committed against Hitler at the end of a parody and to share their thoughts on the lulz it produced.

Certain parodies, like WonkyTonkBotty's Fegelein turns Hitler & the Bunker into a Flash Cartoon, use the part with Himmler and Fegelein talking via rotoscoping.

Rotoscoped clips of Fegelein and Himmler's close up has been made by TheSilverUniverse in his green screen pack.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
Preamble (Burgdorf and Bormann)
BORMANN Dieser Himmler, was für ein aufgeblasener Hanswurst. That Himmler, what a pompous clown.
BURGDORF Bonzen, überall Bonzen... Bosses, bosses everywhere...
Es könnte einem speiübel werden nur vom Hinsehen. It could make me sick just from looking.
Main part (Fegelein and Himmler)
FEGELEIN Es heißt, der Führer wird heute noch Clausewitz ausgeben. I heard the Führer will start Clausewitz today.
HIMMLER Berlin als Frontstadt, er wird die Stadt nicht halten können. He cannot keep Berlin as the front city.
Berlin ist am Ende. Berlin is on the end.
Wenn der Führer hier bleibt, dan wird das ganze Reich mit ihm zusammen in den Abgrund gerissen. If the Führer stays here, then the entire Reich will fall with him to the ground.
Das müssen wir ihm ausreden. We must convince him otherwise.
Sprechen Sie doch mal mit dem Hewel. Talk to Hewel about it.
Der Führer mag den Hewel. The Führer likes Hewel.
Er ist der einzige Diplomat, der noch Einfluss auf ihn hat. He's the only diplomat with influence on him.
FEGELEIN Hewel hat alles versucht. Hewel has tried everything.
Glauben Sie mir, es ist sinnlos. Believe me, it is pointless.
HIMMLER Na, dann sprechen Sie doch mal mit Ihrer Schwägerin. Well, then talk to your sister-in-law.
Warum nicht? Sie sind verheiratet mit der Schwester von Eva Braun. Why not? You are married to the sister of Eva Braun.
Das macht Sie praktisch mit dem Führer verwandt. That makes you practically related to the Führer.
Es muss jetzt alles versucht werden. You must try it all right now.
Berlin ist praktisch von den Russen eingekesselt. Berlin is practically surrounded by the Russians.
Sie sind doch noch jung. You are still young.
Sie werden doch bald Vater. You're becoming a father soon.
Wollen Sie in der Stadt umkommen? Do you want to die in the city?
FEGELEIN Bestimmt nicht. Absolutely not.
The Führer enters
LINGE Meine Herren, der Führer. Gentlemen, the Führer.
EVERYONE Heil! Heil!


  • In the behind the scenes footage, there are several scenes that show Burgdorf ranting at Bormann and a short clip with Göring who was supposed to come too late to the festivity.
    • From the same footage, Hans Krebs (obviously) was supposed to be present alongside Burgdorf, but he never appeared in the final cut.
  • If you look closely, you can see Traudl Junge doing the Hitler salute with everyone else.
  • Fegelein is still smoking in the hall when Hitler arrives. A cigarette can be seen in his left hand as everyone is saluting Hitler. The same can be said for Traudl if you look hard enough.
  • Hewel is one of the people smoking the very first cigarettes in the movie.
  • Burgdorf is seen downing liquor in the film for the first time.


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Fegelein and Himmler at Hitler's birthday
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