Fegelein Reviews is a segment introduced by FuhrerFegelein, in which Fegelein gives a three or four second opinion on topics brought to his attention. Seemingly all of his opinions are presented in the form of a one sentence summary, in which he makes fun of the topic in a facetious manner. A few examples of topics in which Fegelein reviews include Justin Bieber, Joseph Goebbels, and Mein Kampf. However, FuhrerFegelein is the only Unterganger of note that has used the Fegelein Reviews bit.


  • In some of the videos in which FuhrerFegelein published, the last frame shows a less-than-amused Burgdorf, which occurs during the scene of the movie in which the Fegelein Reviews template derives from. There are a few comments from those who notice the small error that clarify that it's just Burgdorf's displeasure with Fegelein's opinion.
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