FegeleintheLostTapes (stylized on YouTube as Fegelein: The Lost Tapes) , also known sometimes as Augmented Antics, is an American Unterganger, best known for his FegelStation parodies, the Viva La Fegel series and FegaMan. With currently over 3 million views and over 16k subscribers, his videos usually receive more than 1,000 views within one month of publishing, and he is considered one of the best Untergangers.

He became a YouTube partner in April 2012, and is currently one of two Untergangers known to achieve it, besides TheSilverUniverse. However, after Constantin Film blocked one of his "Viva La Fegel" videos in January 2013, the partnership was lost.

He is not active in a traditional sense; months go by between his parodies, due to the effort that goes into them. However, he is still considered an active Unterganger.

He is also the second most-subscribed Unterganger.


FegeleintheLostTapes makes extensive use of special effects and 3D/CGI and are always executed in a professional manner, through programs such as Sony Vegas and Autodesk Maya. Some of the more notable examples are "Super Hitler Kart", "Cooking with the Führer" (the vomit sequences) and "Fegelein buys Hitler a FegelStation" (Reich Computer Entertainment and FegelStation boot logo).

Due to each video being of very high quality, it often takes a number of months before the next upload arrives. While in his early parodies the time of upload between videos was about two weeks or less each, he now uploads only a few parodies each year.

He is also the only Unterganger known to develop Downfall-specific parody games using Multimedia Fusion 2, a professional game development suite.



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