Fegelein-Burgdorf Parodies is a American Fifth-generation Unterganger who is currently active and debuted on 17th October, 2017. 


Born in December 1998, Fegelein-Burgdorf Parodies is a history buff who became a fan of the downfall parodies on YouTube.  He's inspired by the works of Hitler Rants Parodies, Delphox, Silver Universe, and Wonky Tonk Botty.

As of July 2019, Fegelein-Burgdorf has 27 subscribers.


Currently, Fegelein-Burgdorf Parodies has 21 videos on his channel.

19 official videos:

  • The Fegel-Dorf Cometh
  • Hitler vs Scaramouche
  • Hitler vs Churchill
  • Fegelein pranks IB Hitler - Samurai Jack
  • Goering wishing for Happy Halloween 
  • Burgdorf and Shitler: The Adventures of the POOR OLD MAN Episode 1 - The Plan
  • Hitler vs Aku
  • Garfeif but it's Hitler and Goering
  • Christmas Spooks (My First X-Mas Special)
  • Bunker Beats
  • Hitler as a Sketch
  • The Jodl Song
  • Hitler meets George the Volcano
  • Jodl's Steamed Ham Video
  • Shitler's B-Day Hijinks
  • The (almost) 15 Minuit long Poor Old Man loop
  • Hitler meets the Globglogabgalab
  • Bunkerian Antics times 2000
  • Hitler as a Sketch: Part 2

2 Promotional Videos:

  • promo
  • Special Announcement!

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