Fegelein's Arrest Scene is a scene in Downfall that is used somewhat often in parodies.

In Downfall

In a brothel, Hermann Fegelein is lying in bed, supposedly drunk, while his mistress (who is topless) is manicuring her nails. Peter Högl and his men break the door open, startling Fegelein's mistress, who flees. Högl informs Fegelein he's under arrest, as he is suspected is desertion. He is ordered to get dressed to come with them, which Fegelein ignores. Högl orders his men to pull him out of his bed, to Fegelein's displeasure, and to search the room.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is regularly used in parodies that involve the arrest (and usually the killing of) Fegelein, usually ordered by Hitler after he's had enough of his antics. However, because Fegelein's mistress is topless, a few parodies have been flagged for nudity, prompting some Untergangers to cut her appearance or censor her breasts (also a good excuse to use a funny decal, such as Eduard Khil's face). 

Where the scene is not used in full, fragments of it, such as where Högl talks, are used in various parodies, most prominently in Högl's MP40 of Armageddon. The part where Fegelein is dragged from his bed is also commonly used.

An example of the use of this scene is the first part DictatorAntics' The Antics Strike Back.

In some parodies, chroma keying is used to paste other faces onto Fegelein's and Högl's face. Hitler Rants Parodies does this often, pasting Hitler's face onto Högl's face as to depict the latter shooting Fegelein.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
FEGELEIN Was ist los? What's going on?
HÖGL Grüppenführer, Sie stehen unter Arrest! Grüppenführer, you're under arrest.
HÖGL Verdacht der Fahnenflucht. Suspected of desertion.
Ziehen Sie sich an. Get dressed.
Wir müssen Sie mitnehmen. You have to come with us.
FEGELEIN Leck mich. Dare me.
HÖGL Zimmer durchsuchen. Search the room.
FEGELEIN Lass mich los, du Kanake. Let go of me, you kanaka.
Du hast mir gar nichts zu sagen! You have nothing to say to me!


  • The place where Fegelein hides is called the FegelBrothel by Untergangers.
  • At the beginning of the scene, remains of cocaine can be seen, indicating that Fegelein was a drug user, if not an addict.
  • Just before Högl's squad entered the room, a shot of the bedside table shows money, drugs, cognac, and an alarm clock. There is a logo visible on the clock-face. Those Cyrillic letters are the logo of a Soviet Orlov Clock Factory.
  • Also on the bedside table is a Swiss passport which could prove that Hitler was right about Fegelein being a deserter.
  • Mata O'hara appears in this scene. Her topless appearance, however, had led to several parodies using this scene receiving a community strike (i.e. flagged by viewers).


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