Fegelbook is a social networking service and website jointly owned and operated by Hermann Otto Fegelein and Felicity Merriman, and was patterned after the popular Facebook service. The site was mentioned in at least a few parodies, although it has been launched for beta testing last August 20, 2011. The site now currently has 171 users as of July 2020.


It was set up in August 2011 by Subtitlecomedy to mock the popular social networking site Facebook. It initially ran on the Elgg script and uses a theme style to make it resemble the appearance of Facebook. Like Untergangers Central, it was a victim of heavy spamming and the administrator had later made an effort to decrease the amount of spammers by installing Incapsula onto the site. The service was later uninstalled due to numerous false positives and problems with IP address logging (the Incapsula service works as a reverse proxy, so any incoming client requests would appear as an address from Incapsula), replacing it with client-side anti-spam plugins such as Akismet and an IP address sniffer. Trapped Antics was later given administration permissions. It currently does not receive much traffic.

In October 2014 Hitler Rants Parodies paid for the domain renewal as Subtitlecomedy didn't have the funds when the domain expired. Plans for selling the domain, and if possible, the site itself, to HRP or any other interested party, were underway at the time; the site itself, along with the domain, has since been sold to HRP for an undisclosed sum, though Subtitlecomedy still has administrative and maintenance privileges.

The site has received an extensive revamp in May 2015, through a new backend based on the Open Source Social Network script. This has resulted in previous registrations being rendered null and void. The new backend was also criticised for performance issues, especially when dealing with more than a hundred users.

Notable members


  • Subtitlecomedy - founder
  • Mfaizsyahmi
  • Trapped Antics
  • Hitler Rants Parodies

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