“He's just too fucking adorable! :D”

Fegel Fawx, or simply known to many as Fawx, was an American third-generation Unterganger who made random parodies based off almost anything. He won the Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award in September 2015 and was a moderator in the Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Room. He was best known for having a very cute and random personality, and was always energetic when chatting with friends. This trait made him one of the most likeable members of the community, with many people adoring his happiness and energy.


Fegel Fawx started with the name The F (Fegel) Team, and began uploading parodies on an old account. Sometime in October, he met Delphox, then known as AlphaSkyRaider, and both of them started chatting and became friends. Not long after that, Alpha introduced him to the old Downfall parodies chat, in which he became a regular member. He went on a temporary hiatus in late 2014 until mid 2015, in which he deleted his old account and then started fresh with a new one. 

Retirement, Return and Suicide 

In December 2015, he released a video where he announced his retirement "for now". He returned to parodymaking in April 2016.

Untergangers found his channel closed on June 23, 2016. Fawx later explained it was due to personal reasons.


Fegel Fawx's parody style was quite random most of the time. He basically got random parody ideas at random times and turned it into a video. A lot of his parodies, however, were also community based, meaning they are Downfall Parodies with topics involving the Downfall community. He also uploaded videos that Delphox gives him sometimes, whether as a gift or just a fun community parody.

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