FegelStation TV


FegelStation is a pirate TV channel owned and run by Fegelein. Not much is known about this signal, and the reason of why Fegelein chose to overtake other channel's frequency instead of developing one of his own might be just another antic he was pulling, since the first line of its message was: we interrupt this program because it sucks.

Its first and only appearance was on Vzorkic's HitlerTV, when it hijacked HitlerTV channel's signal after only 86 seconds on the air. The transmission was replaced by Eduard Khil singing Trololo (Fegelein Records), during which Hitler suffered a stroke and was taken to a hospital.


  • The incident is reminiscent of the 1987 Max Headroom signal hijacking incident, of which the details can be found here.
  • Coincidentally, Eduard Khil also suffered a stroke that ended up taking his life.
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