“A meme with such accessibility. It is always a shame for rising potential to be put down by a bunch of lawyers. However in the end antics always prevail somehow. Don't ask me how that works.”
FegelParodies on Downfall parodies

Fegelparodies (Previously Megamorph5) is an Australian Unterganger who started making Downfall Parodies in early 2011 as Megamorph5, before creating FegelParodies in November 2012.

He uploaded numerous parodies on his old YouTube channel, and even a tutorial on how to make one. Two of his most popular ones were Hitler Plans to get into Australia by boat, Carbon tax problems, which is about the carbon tax in Australia, and Hitler plays MW3, which accumulated a higher amount of views because it was one of the first videos that depict Hitler as playing the game to be uploaded.


FegelParodies created his old YouTube account in early 2010. He uploaded various videos on it like "Microsoft Sam Reads Errors" Videos. After a few months, he ran out of ideas for videos and stopped uploading videos. He discovered Unterganging when one of his friends sent him one of Hitler Rants Parodies' videos. After watching it as well as other parodies from HRP, he decided that he would try and make one himself therefore HRP was his inspiration. He used Windows Movie Maker 2.6 to make his first parody. It was called "Hitler Plans to by Xbox 360 Kinect". He then uploaded more parodies as well as other videos which he has now pulled down before moving channels.

FegelParodies also had other videos on his previous channel but he pulled them down (Excluding "The exploding glass table!" and "How to make a Hitler parody") in October 2012.

In late October 2012, The downfall parodies on his old YouTube channel were on a hiatus in late due to having to get rid of his computer's battery and was still waiting for a new one which says in a post on his old YouTube channel.

"I'm on a bit of hiatus because I'm still waiting to get my computer's battery replaced. Don't worry, I haven't given up on unterganging yet."

His hiatus ended unexpectedly. Megamorph5 decided to also leave his old Youtube channel (but not close it) and created Fegelparodies as a more "unterganging-focused" channel.  In December 2012 he decided to retire but then changed his mind and continued to make Downfall Parodies

He uses VideoPad for his parodies

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