FegelLand Theme Park - Berlin
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Hermann Fegelein, FegelCorp, Inc.



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FegelLand is an amusement park owned and operated by Hermann Fegelein and located in Berlin. It currently boasts several roller-coasters like The Big Antic and The Pencils of Mass Destruction as well as family-friendly attractions like "FEGEL-LSD Trip" and "Cut Off Dolfy's Mustache". In 2013, Hermann Fegelein was planning to have an addition but was too busy with antics to do so.


The first known Downfall parody to refer to FegelLand was "FEGELLAND" by Echoes1224, which was a Six Flags commercial parody with the heads of Hitler, Jodl, Burgdorf and others on the different people in the commercial. Since then, Echoes1224 and other untergangers had explored and exploited the theme. Echoes1224 even created the FegelLand YT account, with a plan to move all his parodies there, but had since regretted the move and abandoned the idea.

FegelLand was obviously the location of Echoes1224' Hitler Is Trapped On A Roller Coaster.

Current status

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Since opening FegelLand in 1938, it has become one of the biggest theme parks in Europe and there are talks of opening another Fegeland Theme Park in the United States. However, there is a legal battle currently between Fegelein and Mikhail Tukhachevsky because he has opened a similar antic-themed theme park in Moscow.

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