Faradyable is a Malaysian YouTuber, locally famous for his parody dubs of scenes from various movies, as well as parody dubs of footballer interviews and WWE wrestling shows. His channel has over 14 million views and over 43,000 subscribers.

General Information

Some of the movies used for his dubs include The Matrix, Bloodsport, Star Wars Episode VI, 300, The Avengers, The Lord of the Rings, and recently Downfall itself. He also included footages from the interview with Rooney, Messi, as well as Ultraman and WWE matches.

It is arguable that most of his parody dubs are random, even though they were sometimes made in a series. His most popular series are arguably the milo ais (iced milo) and tidak tenang (unease) series. His Downfall parody series, titled "tidak tenang: hitler" (unease: hitler), were inspired of the latter, and so far two parodies have been uploaded.[1] The parodies have since been removed - possibly victims of Constantin Film's 6-minute duration limit.

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  1. All titles are originally in lower case.

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