Questions about Unterganging in general

Where can I find the scene where [describe scene here]

List of scenes.

Should I use Windows Movie Maker?

Only temporarily, while you look for better video editors.

What program should I use?

Anything but Windows Movie Maker. If you're currently using it now get off it as soon as possible. Popular choices include:

My subtitle are fading in and out...

Read this tutorial.

My subtitles are too big...

Read this tutorial.

Why are my subtitles at the center of the screen?

Read this tutorial.

How do I place things over people's heads (headpasting) in the video?

Watch this tutorial.

Where can I find the chroma key stuff - faces, green screen videos and whatnot?


Questions about the wiki

Can I have my own page?

Ask yourself if you're noteworthy. Having 1000 views should be enough qualifications.

Questions about the forum

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