Ezi0AuditoreDiFirenz (also known as Ezio or Ezy on Starcraft 2 Battle Net) was established on the 5th of May, 2010 after his old account EzioAuditoreDiFirenz was suspended.

History and personality

His career did not start with Downfall parodies like most Untergangers but with Final Fantasy 13 parody videos. Slowly, he dabbled with Downfall parodies and got hooked onto it, starting his YouTube career as an Unterganger.

Ezi0AuditoreDiFirenz is a hardcore gaming nerd who is a fan of the World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo series that some of his friends think that he might prefer video games than the touch of a woman (Which is highly possible). He also has a weakness for cute, nerdy and sweet-looking animals like hamsters with cute, nerdy eyes etc. (Girls are a possibility.)

Current status

He has served his National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces last June, and got his Blue Belt in Gracie Combatives Jiujitsu. After his National Service, he is going back to Australia to pursue his degree in Business Law or Banking and Finance in Monash University.

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