Eva wants Hitler to spare Fegelein is a scene in Downfall sometimes used in parodies.

In Downfall

Eva Braun storms into Hitler's office, asking him if Hermann Fegelein will be executed. Hitler answers that there's no doubt, as he tried to flee. Eva tries to persuade him not to do it, telling him that her sister is pregnant with his child, but Hitler responds by explaining that Fegelein collaborated with Heinrich Himmler in attempting to surrender, and therefore is a traitor. There will be no compassion for traitors and after he's court-martialed, he'll be executed. Eva begins to tear up and asks him what's the point of any of this. Hitler coldly shouts that it's his will. After wiping her tears, she resigns to defeat, sadly reciting that he's the Führer.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is seldom used on its own in parodies. When that's the case, it usually involves Eva asking Hitler for something and Dolfy refusing. More likely, the scene is used with several others in story-focused parodies.

The most notable use of this scene is in Hitler Rants Parodies Eva wants Hitler to get her some new shoes and Eva wants Hitler to retire. Other Untergangers known to use this scene includes Notoriousrob01 and HighBunker HxH Parodies.

The scene is notable for a mondegreen where Hitler appeared to be saying "this is my willy!" to Eva, with his body movement (arching his back) adding to the realism.


  • There are some conflicting reports over the execution of Hermann Fegelein, according to Otto Günsche (Hitler's adjutant) said she refused to speak on his behalf but Traudl Junge (Hitler's secretary) stated that Eva was pleading for Hermann's life.


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