Eva walks Blondi is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

Continuing from the previous scene after Eva Braun invites Gerda Christian and Traudl Junge outside the bunker for a walk with Blondi at the Reich Chancellery garden. Eva removes Blondi's leash, and the ladies walk around at a peaceful pace, while soft piano music is playing in the background. Traudl stops to look at some flowers on the ground, while Gerda and Eva sit to look at a nude statue. Gerda invites Traudl to join them. Traudl and Eva share a smile over the appearance of the statue. Eva and Traudl start smoking their cigarettes after Gerda. Shortly after, the air raid alarms are heard and Eva puts out her cigarette with her shoe.

In the Parodies

The scene is rarely used in parodies. Especially not on its own. This scene is usually used along with the previous and the following scenes mostly in story-based parodies.

An example in which this scene is used is in JennieParker87's A strange parody 1, towards the end, in which Traudl experiences some flatulence while sitting outside the bunker.


Traudl and Gerda talking in bed
Eva walks Blondi
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