Eva talking on the phone with Fegelein is a scene in Downfall that is commonly used in parodies, in particular the parts with Hermann Fegelein are used frequently in parodies.

In Downfall

Eva Braun picks up the phone to receive a phone call from Hermann Fegelein, who immediately tells her to leave the Führer and reminds her that it's a matter of life and death. When asked for his whereabouts, he simply responds that he has decided not to die in Berlin. Eva asks if her sister Gretl Braun knows where he is, however, Fegelein simply asks her to think about his request and immediately hangs up. Fegelein is possibly in the FegelBrothel during this scene.

In Downfall Parodies

Hitler Rants Parodies included the scenes with Fegelein on Hitler phones Fegelein, where Hitler tells him that he's fed up with his antics and blames him for the loss of his pizza. JennieParker87 uses the scene with Fegelein quite often in her parodies, for example in Jodl's Tree House, in which a mysterious man wants to hire Fegelein. Or in Hermann on the line, in which Eva is seen talking to her lover on the phone while Hitler is listening from the bed. Another example can be found in Fegelein's Crisis, in which Fegelein is feeling vulnerable for once.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
EVA Ja? Hallo? Yes? Hello?
FEGELEIN Eva, du musst den Führer verlassen. Eva, Eva, you must leave the Führer.
EVA Hermann? Hermann?
FEGELEIN Sei nicht so dumm. Do not be so stupid
Jetzt geht es um Leben und Tod. Now it is about life and death.
EVA Wie kannst du so was sagen? How can you say that?
Wo bist du? Where are you?
FEGELEIN Ich habe entschieden nicht die Absicht, in Berlin zu sterben. I decided not to die in Berlin.
EVA Hermann, weiß meine Schwester wo du bist? Hermann, does my sister know where you are?
FEGELEIN Überleg's dir. Think about it.
Ich ruf wieder an. I'll call again.
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Eva talking on the phone with Fegelein
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