Eva and Traudl discuss in the kitchen is a scene in the extended edition of Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

Eva Braun is pouring chocolate icing all over a cake. Constanze Manziarly, the bunker's resident cook, tells Eva to stop because Hitler eats nothing but cake all day long. However, Eva asks Constanze not to be so strict on that day, Hitler's birthday, since he usually has very little fun.

Traudl Junge then enters the kitchen and rushes to the refrigerator to fetch some bottles of wine. Eva then tells her that Hitler appreciates her enormously. When Traudl asks about what to do for Hitler, Eva tells her to cheer him up. Traudl, however, reveals that the generals always bring Hitler so much trouble that he no longer wants to hear about it. Eva says that Traudl will also be troubled, but Traudl tells her that Berlin is already under artillery fire and hopes that it won't rain down during the birthday celebration. Eva assures Traudl that nothing would happen, but Traudl remains worried. Eva requests her to "just do like everybody else and let the Führer decide".

In the Parodies

The scene doesn't have much exploitable content, and thus it isn't used often in parodies. Untergangers such as 1979Onetime did, however, use the scene quite a few times in his parodies, as well as a few others. One parody[citation needed] depicts Eva pulling an antic on Hitler by spreading poo instead of chocolate on the cake.


  • This is the first scene out of fifteen total to feature both Traudl and Eva.


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Eva and Traudl discuss in the kitchen
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