Eva and Magda write their letters is a scene in Downfall. Because of its nature as a montage of sorts, it's rarely used in parodies outside the story-focused subgenre.

In Downfall

The scene takes place on the 23rd of April, 1945 in Berlin. It shows Magda Goebbels and Eva Braun writing letters (Eva to Gretl Braun, her sister, and Magda to Harald Quandt, her son). Eva starts by writing to her sister that it could all be over at any time and that Hitler seems to have lost faith. She then describes various items she had placed in shipment and who would receive it. While Eva writes the letter, various short scenes are shown, such as Werner Haase and Ernst-Günther Schenck operating and helping injured people, Hitler shaking Alfred Jodl's hand, and Inge Dombrowski and her HJ Lieutenant committing mutual suicide.

The scene switches to Magda's perspective, who isn't sure the letter will even reach her son. She informs her son that she has stayed with Joseph Goebbels, despite him (Goebbels) being against it. She moves on to talk about how a world without the Führer and National Socialism is not a world worth living in, and how she wants something better for her children. While she writes, Hitler is shown overlooking a pit fire, where Otto Günsche and Heinz Linge are burning some documents. She stops writing and smokes a cigarette at the end.

The scene cuts back to Eva where she finishes typing her letter and signs her name.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is rarely used in parodies, but Untergangers such as Soalric Parker has used it in his Der Disneygang saga. This scene is usually used in parody series where the situation is dire, such as Hitler Rants Parodies' War of The Hitlers.

The part where Hitler oversees the burning of some documents has been used more in parodies.


  • This scene is the last appearance of Alfred Jodl in the film.
  • Fegelein's first name "Hermann" is spelled "Hermenn" in Eva's letter to her sister.
  • Otto Günsche, who is burning some documents, can be seen smoking. As Hitler approaches, he quickly and discreetly throws it into the flames. This is due to Hitler's known objection to smoking.


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Eva and Magda write their letters
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