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Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (better known as Articles 11 & 13) is a European Union directive intended to ensure "a well-functioning marketplace for the exploitation of works and other subject-matter... taking into account in particular digital and cross-border uses of protected content".[1]


It was introduced into European Parliament on 20 June 2018, and in 25 March 2019 it was accepted by EP with 348 votes in favour, 274 against.[2] Final draft of directive was accepted by Council of European Union on 15 April 2019 with 19 votes in favour and 5 against with three countries abstaining.[3]

The directive caused major protests against it due to the included Articles 11 and 13, which are oftenly described as violating the right of free speech on the Internet. Article 11 demands that publishing sites to pay a set fee to the authors of any linked or qouted articles. Article 13 demands every media publishing site to implement upload filters and makes them responsible for any copyright infringement. As of 21 March 2019, a petition against the directive published on had gathered 5 million signatures, the most-signed petition on the website.[4]

Effect on Downfall parodies

Since vast majority of parodies are hosted on YouTube, it may result in deletion of thousands of videos due to the directive, and possible blocking of future uploads for European Untergangers within two years. According to YouTube CEO, the legislation "poses a threat to both your livelihood and your ability to share your voice with the world".[5] Even though the range is only limited to Europe-based creators, Untergangers may become an easy target of automated upload-filtering bots or third-party copyright strikes like those issued by Constantin Film in the early 2010s. False claims and abuse of ContentID-like systems may occur even more often than does currently.[6]

Many Untergangers expressed their protest against the directive, by openly criticising it or making a comparison how would parody-making look like if the directive takes effect. The directive also caused some Untergangers to retire as they felt it would adversely affect them.


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