Ernestjohn18 is an Unterganger from the Philippines. He currently has 109 subscribers and 129 videos. He is also a brony.


He started out on making Downfall parodies after watching a Hitler rant video about Command & Conquer: Tiberian Twilight; he became overjoyed when he watched the parody videos so he decided to strike out on his own. He first became friends with the Unterganger shomronon, who promoted him after making Der Fuhrer Flash Report Program ( Part 1 ).

He also became friends with Unterganger 2091riveraisrael on the 7th November 2011. He even thought of a quote as "Let Fegelein Be With You All Always" as it shows that let Fegelein be with the Untergangers always (When making Stalin Parodies, he name it as "Let Tukhachevsky Be With You All Always". Also friends with HermannOttoFegelein1.


Ernest makes use of Windows Live Movie Maker for making parodies. Most of them were in the traditional, subtitle-only style, although he does make use of spliced clips from time to time.


In May 16, Ernest announced that he is retiring due to school life but in October 6, 2012, he decided to come back making videos even if he has to deal with the remaining years of his high school life.

Secret Revealed

In June 15, he released a video which he shows his viewers the other truth about him. He watches MLP:FIM since June 5, that explains the two previous videos and him to be known as a brony.


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