Erna Flegel (July 11, 1911 – February 16, 2006) was a German nurse who resided in the bunker during Hitler's last days.


Erna was born in Kiel in 1911. From January 1943 until the end of World War II, Flegel served in that capacity for Hitler 's entourage and during the Battle of Berlin. She is believed to have been in Hitler's bunker when he committed suicide. She had originally worked alongside one of Hitler's physicians, Dr. Werner Haase, as a nurse at Humboldt University Hospital and was transferred to the Reich Chancellery, as the war ended.

During her time in the Führerbunker she befriended Magda Goebbels and sometimes acted as a nanny to the Goebbels children until their deaths.

Upon the Soviet capture of Berlin, Soviet troops advised her to remain in the bunker complex where it was safer. Later interrogated by the Americans, Flegel then lived a life of anonymity until 1977 when documents including her interrogation were declassified. The media later tracked her down to her residence, a nursing home in Germany.

She died in Mölln in 2006.

In Downfall

Erna Flegel is not prominently featured in the film, which was based on memoirs of people such as Traudl Junge and Ernst-Günther Schenck, who are subsequently more prominent. Her role as nanny to the Goebbels children is featured only in the extended cut.

She is however shown, along with Schenck and Werner Haase who went to meet the Führer to give their last regards. Her belief in National Socialism, and the final victory, was badly shaken when she met the disheartened Hitler. This prompts her to cry uncontrollably, and Schenck and Otto Günsche had to escort her to the lounge where she join several others and had some drinks.

In Downfall Universe

Erna, played by actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya, appears in several scenes together with Werner Haase and Ernst-Günther Schenck.

She appeared in several parodies, most often in the Bunker Jokes scene, where she can be seen at the table, near Fritz Tornow, when he starts laughing.

She has her own superweapon, the Boo-Hoo of Hysterical Proportions.


  • Erna was redubbed for the original version of Downfall since her actress spoke with a Russian accent.


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