“I likeV  Λ  PORW  Λ  V  Σ.”

Equiduo (formerly TraitorLoxoz, Trainor Andreas and for a short time, WingTon), is a Romanian Unterganger and YouTube Pooper. He established his channel on 1 July 2014, but he only started making Downfall Parodies in October 2015. His channel had over 223,000 views and over 1.7k subscribers before his channel suicide in July 2017. In August 2017, He changed his second channel into his main, making YouTube Poops instead.

From late 2016 til mid-2017, he, along with TailzParodies and GreenPenguinParodies, gained their rather infamous reputation of being one of the most controversial Untergangers in the community. They are collectively known as the "Triggered Trio", they have made controversies one year until Equiduo had enough contributing with them.

He has, however, become much more mature in recent times and has since returned to the community & began creating Downfall Parodies. He will also continue making YouTube Poops, organizing a video schedule.


When he first created his channel, under the name Trainor Andreas, the majority of his videos were gaming videos. He made his first three Downfall parodies in August-September 2014, but because of his poor English at the time, he did not make another one until October 2015 when his English had improved. He still had grammar mistakes in the meantime.

In October 2016, he announced his retirement in several Downfall parody chatrooms, citing that his parents refused to pay for his Internet anymore.

However, just a few days later, he uploaded a video announcing his return. He also announced on the aforementioned chatrooms that he has resolved the Internet problem, saying that he will pay for the Internet himself. This went in result a brief retirement.

In October 2018, he unexpectedly joined Unterganger Chat Central, saying that he only wants to check it out. Delphox gave him another chance, saying that it's his final chance. 2 months later, Equiduo showed his maturity and his respect to members from UCC and started to be remembered by his name, saying things about what bad things he had done. Equiduo said to the members "Don't remind me those things, please. Anyways it was a long time ago.", which the community admitted that they were too harsh to him, saying that they are now fine with Equiduo because he isn't bad as TailzParodies nor GreenPenguinParodies.

He now judges at Downfall Community Awards, became member of UnterCast and now unblocked from the Hitler Parody Wiki at 22:44 GMT, December 29th, 2018, being able to add more information to other Wikia pages.

Before his comeback, he was insulted by Mastered Ultra Instinct Twils and other Downfall Parodies Fans, saying that he betrayed the Unterganging Community and being a sore loser. Fortunately, Equiduo is back on his feet. He stated some of the actions made by him that he didn't do it and someone else pretended to be TraitorLoxoz (before March 2018, when he changed his name).

After all of these, Equiduo became a friend to the Unterganging Community once again.

Name Change

On the 11th of March 2018, he changed his name to Equiduo. This is most likely to get away from the stigma surrounding his previous name, TraitorLoxoz. Despite this, he will be known as TraitorLoxoz by the Downfall Community for a long time yet. He also changed his second channel's name to Equitrio.



  • Equiduo is the first official Romanian YouTube Pooper, debuting in September 2014 and the last active Romanian Unterganger.
  • According to his status on YouTube, he is now uploading a video per month after plenty of videos made back in Summer 2018.
  • Equiduo does cameo appearances of some Romanian Memes in several videos of his. This makes introducing a Romanian character in the Parody Universe.


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