Epic Rap Battles Of History is a YouTube series created by NicePeter and EpicLloyd that shows historical and fictional characters rapping against one another. Hitler is one of the characters featured in the series, apart from Napoleon and Albert Einstein.

In the parodies

Epic Rap Battles of History is first shown on the parody Hitler vs. Lord Vader where they are shown rapping against each other, only for Hitler to lose and throw a fit for he had fewer votes than he was expecting.

This was used in "Hitler Reacts to Losing the Epic Rap Battle of History" where Hitler, thinking he defeated Darth Vader, is told he lost. He demands a rematch in public, but loses again. The video ends with Burgdorf laughing at him.

On the other hand, few Untergangers use the Epic Rap Battles Of History to make YouTube Poops, sometimes including Downfall content.


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