Enduprivat (also known as Tankslacno) is an Unterganger from Finland. He started making parodies on October 2011, and now has over 200 Downfall parodies, but just 301 subscribers and most of his videos have under 500 views. The probable reason, why he has few subscribers and viewers, is because nearly all of his parodies are with Finnish subtitles.

He used Windows Live Movie Maker for his first parodies, but now he uses both Sony Vegas Pro 9 and 11, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, Adobe After Effects CS5 and HitFilm Ultimate. He also uses Autodesk 3DS Max and Autodesk Maya (though he hasn't used these in parodies). He is mainly dedicated towards Downfall Parodies with Finnish-subtitles.

He also has his own television channel for Downfall Parodies called Reich Broadcast System. He is also one of the few Untergangers who has their own blog for Downfall Parodies.

Enduprivat hasn't made parodies for over two years (because he has been very busy), but is planning to return.

He also has a personal website, but it's only available in the Finnish language.

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