Duck, You Führer is a parody by HitchcockJohn. It is also the first video to make use of the Revolution Parodies, seeing as it marks the introduction of John Mallory into the Parody Universe.


The parody opens with Adolf Hitler on vacation with Otto Günsche in the latter's trailer at a nondescript location. John Mallory arrives on a motorcycle and throws a stick of dynamite into the trailer, destroying it much to Hitler's anger. After getting back to the bunker, Hitler is further enraged when Mallory attempts to break in using explosives.

Realizes the serious threat Mallory poses, Hitler attempts to have him arrested by Felix Steiner. However, Steiner's troops are massacred at a bridge where Mallory was waiting alongside Juan Miranda armed with machine guns. Mallory then blows up the bridge.

Enraged by his troops' failure, Hitler attempts to change tactic by hiring another demolitions expert, but is annoyed with the only one that his subordinates are able to contact. The Parody Ends with Mallory blowing up the whole bunker.


  • The title is a pun on Duck, You Sucker, the original English title of the film Mallory originated from.
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